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Sweet melodies, bells and raindrops, winds and chimes echo from the hollow insides of the piano. They allow me to express my view of the world in a sometimes gentle, sometimes firm manner – whereas the technological deep-dive into instruments like the Elektron Octatrack or a harmonic examination of a piano étude ignite ingenuity and complex combinatorics. Music is mathematics, mathematics is humanities. Music is soul, heart, and groove.



I’m a music composer, producer, and software engineer. Narrowing the gaps between technology and music, my work focuses on fusing the two elements together – be it in terms of combining natural, acoustic sounds with [heavily] processed electronic elements, or in terms of developing libraries for signal processing that can be used in a musical context.



Every sound is beautiful to me. It does not matter if its source is natural, acoustic, analog, or digital.

I see great potential in allowing them to come together - to blossom into something greater than the sum of its partials.

The balance between intuitive decisions and methodological procedure in music fascinates me – even if, at times, I find it difficult to speak from my heart rather than my brain when composing. “Music must be emotional first and intellectual second”, if I may recite Maurice Ravel here. A musician is an artist and a craftsman.

I try to paint a picture of what is with my music, and I try to be as honest as possible when doing so.

I am also an advocate for music being formed with gestures (expressed with hands, not functions), hence I’m interested in designing or researching new, intuitive ways for interfacing with electronic instruments – going beyond what we already know.

How to contribute to the musical world today, tomorrow, in the future? A reflection, as true as possible, of myself, to be seen, heard, felt in my music | Enhance current [electronic] instruments to be more accessible, more intuitive, and open to as many musical cultures to be found in this vast and exciting world.



Live Sound

// From Water To Fire - 3h Performance by Nikhil Chopra 

Live improvised sound for Nikhil Chopra's performance "From Water To Fire" at Savvy Contemporary, 9th May 2024, Berlin. Video coming soon!

Music Video

// Morgengrau 

An unreleased track of mine featuring the choreography and dance by a former fellow student, Nicky Vatvani.


// Photonia

A short film by Alex Fryer, Darius Azadeh & Ollie Cowan, former fellow students.



Palestine Solidarity Fundraiser Jul 21st, 2024 > Herrfurthstraße 6, 12049 Berlin > Piano and Electronics

MathFinance Conference 2024 Sep 19th, 2024 > Burg Reichenstein > Live Set


Yoga Pilates Potsdam Oct 12th, 2024 > Live music for yoga class with Michael Jakobs



From Water To Fire  9/5/2024 > Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, Germany > Live Sound for Nikhil Chopra's performance


HH Open 25  16/3/2024 > HH Art Spaces, Goa, India > Live Set


Found Sounds Anniversary Special  17/11/2023 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge> Primitive Music > DJ Set

MFC2023  13/03/2023 > Nizza, Frankfurt> Rittik Wystup > Hybrid Live/DJ Set

Sevan EP Record Release Concert  06/05/2022 > Morphine Raum, Berlin > Rittik Wystup > Live Set

Artist Meetup  24/08/2021 > Haus Zenner, Berlin > Music Pool Berlin > Live Set


Found Sounds  27/12/2019 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

In2Deep 26/10/2019 > In2Deep > Raj Parekh > DJ Set

Vordergrundmusik Labelnight 20/09/2019 > Bar Pracht, Frankfurt (Main) > Vordergrundmusik > DJ Set

NAMU | Last Show Of The Year 29/09/2019 > DER KLEINE MANN MIT DEM BLITZ, Frankfurt (Main) > NAMU >

DJ Set

Found Sounds 26/07/2019 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

Primitive Music presents ‚ház‘ 10/05/2019 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

Primitive Music presents ‚ház‘ 08/03/2019 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

Found Sounds 23/11/2018 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

Primitive Music presents ‚ház‘ 21/09/2019 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

 LUKU  01/09/2018 > Ballare, Cambridge (UK) > LUKU > DJ Set B2B Peter Falucskai

Found Sounds 24/08/2018 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

Primitive Music presents ‚ház‘ 10/08/2018 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

Primitive Music presents ‚ház‘ 13/07/2018 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

Strawberry Fair 02/07/2018 > Strawberry Fair Festival, Cambridge (UK) > Supertunes > DJ Set

Theo Sayers & Friends 24/05/2018 > The Blue Moon, Cambridge, UK > Theo Sayers > DJ Set B2B Ben Smyth

Primitive Music presents ‚ház‘ 11/08/2018 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

Primitive Music presents ‚ház‘ 27/04/2018 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

Substance // Fez 19/04/2018 > Fez Club, Cambridge > Substance > DJ Set

Found Sounds 13/04/2018 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

Theo Sayers & Friends 12/04/2018 > The Blue Moon, Cambridge, UK > Theo Sayers > DJ Set

Nociva Project at 1815 06/04/2018 > 1815 The Union Bar, Cambridge (UK) > Nociva Project > Live Set

Primitive Music presents ‚ház‘ 02/03/2018 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

Found Sounds 09/02/2018 > 2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

Found Sounds 17/11/2017  >2648 Cambridge, Cambridge (UK) > Primitive Music > DJ Set

Das Traumschiff Kenterkreis basst zurück 11/11/2017 > Ankerwerkstatt StralsundAnkerwerkstatt Stralsund >

DJ Set





"This record is a homage to Maurice Ravel's music, which taught me form over function, texture within abstraction, and above all, emotions before intellect." - Rittik Wystup

Miroirs refers to the same-titled five-movement collage for piano, composed by Maurice Ravel in 1905.
The record encompasses natural, acoustic, analogue, and digital sound sources/modifiers, and makes excessive use of the piano's reverberation capabilities. It is based on two motifs, which are linked harmonically, but presented individually in four different settings. Impressions of southern France, especially those of the seaside and the Pyrenees, find their way into the pieces in various forms. Together, the tracks form an opus of their own, with the piano acting as the cohesive element across.

Miroirs is a sonic reflection – of thoughts, perceptions, and most of all, emotions.

released August 25, 2023 on Vordergrundmusik
© all rights reserved

All tracks recorded, produced, and mixed by Rittik Wystup
Artwork by Mihir Sud ©
Mastered by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich for Loop-O Mastering


Sevan EP

Vordergrundmusik’s Rittik Wystup returns with a slightly-so avant-garde collage of Piano and Beats. Little melodies awake spuriously, welcoming Spring; they interplay with sizzling cymbals and flamboyant drums. The usage of wind is the carrier throughout the record, just as coastlines bring a strong breeze of cool or warm air.

“I learned to hum the song of the bears before I was born.
At the shore, they tap their paws to the rhythm of the wind.
My voice floats from their mouths, spreading like a mist over the water’s surface. I exhale to find my feet slipping slowly into Sevan’s cold sand.
Drums, drums in the deep...”­ 


Martin Merz - Back To Life (Rittik Wystup Remix)

In between the striking synth jabs and arcane vocals of Back to Life, Rittik Wystup spins a net of sharp, crackly drums and fondle, almost trickling piano tones. His elation to combining electronic and acoustic spaces is mirrored throughout the rework, echoing his own unique sound note by note.


Wings EP

How can impressions of flying animals be sonically manifested? A growing thought, planted into the mind of Vordergrundmusik’s latest recruit, led him to experiment by crafting an EP with a concept in mind.

In “Beasts & Butterflies”, ambisonic-like elements resemble counterpart butterflies, rushing through space, being chased by a gnarling, growling lead beast. The two entities behave rather vigorously, matching the rhythmic and melodic foundation they reside on.

Following the eclectic experience, the EP journeys into the realm of woods and birds nesting in the crowns of trees. Samples of whistling imitate the sound of a robin, spreading its beautiful song through the warm, summerly air. Beneath lie piano arpeggios and old-school vocals, all sitting on top of the laid-back groove of “Rotkehlchen.“

At the peak of the mountain, cries of “The Red-Tailed Hawk” echo across the valley as it readies itself to dive deep through the clear air. Upon descent, it cries, flapping its wings to the rhythm of the recorded piano, until its flight levels: the sky-blue lake, reflecting the sunlight with thousands of glittering sparkles, lies beneath.


Gliding just above the shimmering water, the hawk slows down before it passes the cliff, after which, with growing intensity, it continues to descend rapidly towards the valley…


Re:deep – White Lies (Rittik Wystup Remix):

Just in time for the festival season, we offer you three versatile remixes of re:deep’s latest single „White Lies“.

First up is our new talent Rittik Wystup, who delivers an outstanding and truly extraordinary remix. Dreamy and melodious, yet minimalistic and impulsive. Listen closely to discover all the small absorbing details in this magical little beauty!

Milan’s Traeer takes a different approach and invites us on a trippy, indie dance / downtempo journey. Keeping the primary harmonies from the original, supplemented with pitched vocals and lively percussions. A catchy and hypnotising ride!

Last but not least, there’s the snappy and dubby version of our techno expert Martin Merz. He transforms the cosy original into a propulsive monster full of analogue bass figures and virulent synthesizers. All engines running, we have a lift off!


Timpani EP

With his first EP in the pipeline, Wystup comes with a modern and fresh sound. „Timpani EP“ is a collection of his most recent four tracks, ranging from Deep House to Minimal. Influenced by the likes of Stimming, Plaid and Ravel, the tracks feature a depth in detail, with layers on top of layers – without sounding too overcrowded. Expect organic recordings as well as analog and digital sounds, relating to each other, conceiving an eclectic experience.

The opening track „Veronica’s Tympani“ reveals a catchy bassline and modern vocal editing, combining an elegant groove with a subtle drive. „Message from Home“ defines a broad range of textures, playfully interacting with each other, like raindrops touching the ground on a warm spring evening. Sound design clearly stands out in „Dopple Ganger“ – edited field recordings, as well as mystic vocals, create a gloomy atmosphere, with weight to microtones and detuned harmonies. The finisher, „Fraction“, rounds the EP with IDM-style percussions and fragile synthesis plateaus, radiating warmth throughout the frequency range. All synthesis elements in „Fraction“ come from the Cloud Generator, an open-source synthesiser developed by Wystup.

Give the tracks a close listen and dive into a sonic exploration which reaches beyond the standards of the four-to-the-floor formula, cascading streams of playfully but intelligently arranged elements. Don’t quiver, just cavort…

An extraordinary debut by the young german that has already earnt him a lot respect within the scene picking up support from the likes of Matthias Tanzmann, Âme, Timo Maas, Audiofly, Danny Tenaglia, Richy Ahmed, dOP, Chris Fortier, Animal Trainer, Marco Carola, Luca Bacchetti, Pillowtalk, Reboot, Uner, Markantonio and many more.




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